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Every festival has an aftermovie... But what if you could have an aftermovie exactly how you actually experienced the festival? Think about your favorite DJ, the amount of days you visited the festival and the stages you have seen. We made this happen, together with Mysteryland and Samsung. Experience it yourself!

Cool, you’ve found us!

Now it's our turn to help you find your way in the festival universe.
Like NASA, but different.

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are you?


Tired of losing friends and
spending valuable festival time
searching..?! We completely
understand! With Woov you can
easily find your friends through an
interactive festival map.


events are today?


An overview of festivals or search by artist,
venue, name or City. One app fits
all. Woov changes it's appearance
and content to match!


is the DJ playing?


No need to keep those paper
timetables. With this timetable you
can set your favourites, read bio's
and have a clear overview what
artists are going perform.


is playing?


The map is completely interactive.
Click on stages to see what artist is
playing right now or see more info
specific points of interest.


is the endshow?

General info

Always stay up to date with all the
information of the festival.
We make sure we update you
through the chat with everything
you need to know.


can I meet?


Find the love of your life or your
future ex. Connect, chat and meet
at a festival.

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