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Woov helps you to increase your events’ revenue, reduce costs and improve your visitors’ experience by providing cutting-edge tech for you and your visitors.
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The ultimate festival companion
Event map, timetable, community and more
Audience data and insights to improve your events
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Stream your live music shows, hassle free
Audio & Video Streaming, social features & ticketing
Licensing & administration
No-takedown guarantee
Available on Web, Android & iOS
"Working with the team at Woov has been easy from the very start. The app allows us to communicate with our audience the Boomtown way."
Chris Rutherford • Boomtown Fair
"Working with woov is always a joy! Their app covers all the basic needs of an event app, their team is pro-active and flexible, and the visitor experience is premium."
Tim Corporaal • ID&T
"We've started working with Woov this year on the apps for different festivals of ours, so we are familiar with providing our fans the best app experience."
Aleksandra Gavrilovic • Exit Festival
Working with Woov was way easier than you could think. The guys are real pro's and very helpful. Our audience loved Woov, and for us it was a great and fun tool to give the best festival experience for them.
Leva Kvaraciejūtė • Granatos Live
"We had great feedback on Woov from the festival-goers. The different features were very practical and used a lot, both before the event and during the event!"
Nicolas Devisscher • Insane Festival
"People visiting our events love Woov! 3D interactive maps are great and perfect for meeting friends. Set times & push notifications are SO useful for important live customer info."
James Orfeur • Slammin Events
"If you’re an event organiser, do your attendees a favour: scrap the plans for that unique app you wanted to commission and get your set times on Woov next summer."

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